You might be making a ton of money, but you might be a compulsive spender or and underearner and not even know it. If you’re constantly uncomfortable or gripped with fear when it comes to money, check out Misti’s new book, “Forgive Us Our Debts, Please! Daily Humor for Debtors, Compulsive Spenders & Underearners,” and and Joanneh Nagler’s book, “The Debt Free Spending Plan.”

“Forgive Us Our Debts, Please” offers practical principles that will help you get a grip on your finances and live debt free. The 365 daily meditations, interspersed with hilarious insights into the common myths we hold about making (and holding onto) money will show you how to deal with your finances, get free from fear and the feeling of being weighed down by debt.

Whether you’re a compulsive spender, an under earner, or anything in between, these daily tips and mediations inspired by Debtors Anonymous, will start you on your path to taking control of your finances.