UnPermission Me

I signed up for the company’s online newsletter because I liked their
products. I gave them “permission” to market to me. That permission to market to me quickly turned into stalking.
Almost every day, I’d receive a new “update” from the company, as well as offers from random affiliates or stories about things I couldn’t care less about. Exhausted by the onslaught of emails and “special offers,” I unsubscribed to the newsletter. Before I could unsubscribe, I had to write an essay about the reasons for wanting out. As if they deserved an explanation from me!
Their marketing strategies were a lot like mine before Al-Anon. Once someone asked my opinion, the floodgates would open. I would give it to them, completely uncensored, and as often as possible. I’d frequently remind them of my opinion and check in: Had they taken my advice? Were they handling things properly? If not, could I help them further? Once they’d opened the barn door, it was hard to close. Eventually, people would “un-permission” me.
Of course, I’d demand an explanation. And while I never asked for a written essay, I definitely didn’t allow people to “un-permission” me easily.
Especially if I had their home address.

in spite of myself:
Has my “opinion” put me on anyone’s “un-permission” list?

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