Six Ways Laughter Improves Your Life in Recovery

By Misti B., author of If You Leave Me, Can I Come with You: Daily Meditations for Codependents and Al-Anons... with a Sense of Humor Let’s face it, codependents aren’t generally known for our silly, carefree, personalities - go ahead, do an online search for “codependent” and “humor” or “hilarious.”Known as the hall monitors of

Bulls ‘N Bears

I woke suddenly at 3:30 this morning, panicked about my finances. I had enough money to get through the next year or so, but for some reason this morning, it wasn’t enough. If I don’t do something fast, I’ll lose everything and end up on the streets. I’ll be forced to forage for meals from

My Bestest

There are times when my efforts to do my “very best” cause me to be thoroughly obnoxious. Hyper-competitive, over-achieving, driven by the need to be more, better, best. Best of the best. Better than the best of the best. My best often pushes people away, because when I go into overdrive, I can be daunting

Maturity, Schmaturity: One Al-Anon’s Take on the Checklist for Maturity

Yes, I’ve read Al-Anon’s Checklist for Maturity, and the part about: “A mature adult …does not automatically resent criticism, realizing it may contain a suggestion for self-improvement.” I didn’t automatically resent your criticism and, I did spend some time thinking about the “feedback” you gave me. I appreciate you saying it was “for my benefit.”