Throughout my career and life, people, organizations and companies have hired me to speak on the following topics:


  • The Healing Power of Humor in Recovery
  • Why Narcissists are so Attractive to Codependents
  • Why Self-Help Doesn’t Work for Codependency
  • Train-Wreck Relationships and How to Stop Them
  • Raising Little “Enabler” kids
  • How to Stop Underearning
  • Relationships and Money
  • Al-Anon
  • Exercise Addictions
  • Twelve Steps
  • Getting Out of Debt
  • Laugh Your Way to Love


I am able to present both keynotes and workshops for audiences of all sizes. I’d love to learn more about your conference or organization and how we can work together to accomplish your goals.

Please let me know what you’re working on by contacting me directly.funny speaker for your event