My Bestest

There are times when my efforts to do my “very best” cause me to be thoroughly obnoxious. Hyper-competitive, over-achieving, driven by the need to be more, better, best. Best of the best. Better than the best of the best.

My best often pushes people away, because when I go into overdrive, I can be daunting and a bit intimidating to the people I love and demand a lot from.

It’s not easy for me to allow myself to “be” without having a goal or accomplishment in sight. I have to remind myself that not a machine. I am a human being who needs love. I wouldn’t mind a deep tissue massage and a week at an Aruban resort, too, but it’s not required.

When my focus is on how I’m doing and in being “the best,” I miss out on the beauty of life. So, when I feel myself getting rattled and panicked about being the best, I get quiet and ask for God’s guidance, because I can be more of an attraction to others when I I’m not pushing to be the best.

The thing is, not everything I do requires my “very best.” Sometimes “good,” or “okay,” is enough. Which is important for us Al-Anons to remember, because being average is such a rare occurrence! Still, as an Al-Anon of epic proportions, I need to constantly be reminded that better isn’t always best.

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