Misti's new book, now available on Amazon!
Misti’s new book, now available on Amazon!



If You Leave Me, Can I Come with You? is full of refreshingly original meditations for each day of the year. Infusing her wisdom with self-revealing honesty and humor, Misti B. provides healing insight with a lighthearted touch into the common struggles that codependents and those in Al-Anon frequently face. Issues such as people pleasing, lack of boundaries, and perfectionism don’t have to overwhelm us if we work a solid Twelve Step program and learn not to take ourselves so seriously. Misti B. shows how to do both, delivering the right mix of support, inspiration, and healthy irreverence.



Forgive Us Our Debts, Please!

Forgive Us Our Debts, Please! offers practical principles that will help you get a grip on your finances and live debt free. Its 365 daily meditations, interspersed with hilarious insights into the common myths we hold about making (and holding onto) money will show you how to deal with your finances, get free from fear and the feeling of being weighed down by debt. Whether you’re a compulsive spender, an under earner, or anything in between, these daily tips and meditations inspired by Debtors anonymous, will start you on your path to taking control of your finances.



Coming soon … Three Weeks With the Dude

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This short story chronicles Misti B’s journey from the highs of being on the red carpet with Scarlet Johannsen and Robert Downey Jr., to the subsequent crash upon discovering her investor has masterminded an international Ponzi scheme. Days hanging with Hollywood’s elite (The Dude of The Big Lebowski fame), fade into nights bagging groceries when the government attorney demands that she pay back the $500,000 she’s borrowed, ASAP! Exhausted and alone, with the SEC breathing down her back, Misti skips town in an attempt to start life anew. The characters Misti meets on her journey teach her that dreams, no matter how strange they might seem, are worth pursuing. That is, if they don’t kill you.