Misti B. writes humorous books about life in recoveryIMG_0321, mainly because no one else is writing them – at least from a witty point of view.

Misti’s had a successful career in the entertainment industry, having written and directed for stage and live events. She’s also written numerous screenplays that were optioned but never got made, for various reasons, including bankruptcy, death and prison – but that’s for another discussion. She wrote and directed a film called, “Exposed,” which you’ve probably not seen, but she highly recommends because it “has an excellent cast!”

All of these experiences – from which she is still recovering – combined with her highly dysfunctional upbringing, provide fodder for her gritty, but inspiring stories.

She likes to quote Mel Brooks, whom she thinks said, “The only difference between comedy and tragedy is time. . .”

Keep it light people!